Current DXCC entity to Diamond DXCC (DDXCC) Country Cross Reference  (last update 2012/3/3)

Diamond DXCC (DDXCC) Program started in beginning of 2012. It would be interesting game.
However, it is not easy to find out which current DXCC entity corresponds to DDXCC country, as there were so much political changes in the world since 1937.
Working DXs is not so difficult, but filling DDXCC form is not so easy.

ARRL provided DDXCC country list with some references to current entities, but this does not cover all of current entities.
I tried to complete current DXCC entity list to reflect DDXCC county list, and I want to share what I did.

Note that this is only my private work, not ARRL official list. This may include some errors or misunderstandings.
I still have some open questions which I could not find good solution. I think DDXCC has a lot of missing pieces, or misunderstandings of the world. I do not think it covers comprehensive whole world.

Anyway, I open my list to public, and I appreciate your feedback to make the list complete. I also want to contact ARRL to solve some questions.

Here is the link to the list (Microsoft Excel .xls format) v.03 dated on 2012/3/3

Update history
2012/2/13 Italy was missed !! Added accordingly.
2012/3/3  San Tome & Principe corrected.