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Conway Reef 2001 News release by SM6CAS (Thanks Nils) 日本語はこちら


Pre-announcement for DX-pedition

Conway Reef DX-pedition 2001


It is again time to turn the beams towards South Pacific.

Dates:5 April - 24th April 2001

Covering 3 full weekends and a total of 19 days on the Reef. It also mean that we will cover the whole Easter week while on the reef ensuring maximum availability for all the Deserving.

DX-pedition plan: This DX-pedition will feature 4 complete stations running 24 hours a day.

1 Station for SSB 20,15,10

1 Station for CW 20,15,10

1 Station for 40, 80,160, RTTY and 6-meter

1 Station for SSB/CW 30,17,12

All stations featuring their own generators and amplifiers. The antennas featured will be the highly successful Force 12 antennas previously used with additional setups for this DX-pedition.

As with previous DX-peditions made by our team you will be able to expect good coverage on all the bands for all areas.. Since Conway is once more high on the most wanted list in Europe that will be the main target area. However as proven during the T31T/K operation there will be good coverage also for those who are chasing band/mode countries... This time with one additional station and longer time on the reef.

Transport: We have secured a suitable yacht for undertaking this DX-pedition already and we have main part of the logistical support that are needed for the operation. Downpayment for the boat is already taken care of.

DX-pedition team:



SM0DJZ Janne

OH1RY Pekka

TF3CW Siggi

G4EDG Steve

3 of the operators have already been on Conway Reef once or twice and as can be noted the main part of team are well seasoned DX-peditioners.

Additional operators: Please note that we are looking for 2 more operators to join the team!

Budget: This venue is budgeted at a cost of approximately 45,000$ Any support from clubs and individuals are greatly appreciated. As is a normal practice for our DX-peditions we focus our attention on giving maximum availability by optimising our resources to very a high extent.

Regards from the organisers Mats 5X1Z and Nils, SM6CAS


コンウエイリーフ 2001 DXペディション


日程: 2001年4月5日から24日


設営: 4局を設営し,24時間運用する.

1 Station : SSB 20,15,10

1 Station : CW 20,15,10

1 Station : 40, 80,160, RTTY 6-meter

1 Station : SSB/CW 30,17,12

それぞれの局は独立したアンプ,発電器を備える. アンテナはDXペディションで定評のあるForce12を予定.

T31K/Tでの経験をふまえ, ヨーロッパを含めた全世界の局がすべてのバンドモードでQSO出来ることを目標とする.

渡航手段: 既に適したヨットの手配を進めている.




SM0DJZ Janne

OH1RY Pekka

TF3CW Siggi

G4EDG Steve

このうち3人は既にコーンウエイでの運用経験があり, 又他のメンバーも数々のDXペディションを経験している. 又あと2人のオペレータを募集している.

予算: 総額約45,000ドル. どのような形での援助でも大歓迎.

コーディネータ Mats 5X1Z and Nils, SM6CAS