Dear DXers

Time flies, and our DXpedition to Navassa (KP1) was already 18 years
ago. Many things were changed during this 18 years. Our team leader
and QSL manager, Vance LePierre W5IJU (aka N5VL), has passed away
years ago.
However, our KP1 operation is still latest unfortunately, and there
are still some DXers who want to confirm QSOs with our DXpedition.
Time to time I received inquiries if I can confirm them. Unfortunately
I had just some part of logs, mostly for the part I have operated, not
all of them.

Great thanks to Dave, N9DI (KB4VLO at the DXpedition time), he tried
to contact Vance's widow, had a long chat with her, and received the
set of the original logs from her. Now I believe all of the logs of
Navassa DXpedition 1993 are in our hand. I have a set of the copy and
I am ready to confirm any of QSO made by Navassa 93.

If you still need to confirm QSOs with Navassa 93 DXpedition, namely
W5IJU/KP1, NF6S/KP1, KH2S/KP1, KH2W/KP1 and KH2Y/KP1, by paper QSL,
kindly send me your QSL (or QSO data) with SASE to my OE address
(OE1ZKC address in or,

Jun Tanaka
Box 1200
A-1400 Austria.

Meanwhile, I will try to put all of log data into electric format and
upload to LoTW. I will also circulate the set of electric log data to
all of the team member and they will be also able to confirm our
contacts if they want.

I hope this will help some of you who still need to confirm KP1 for
some purposes.
If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact me at: jh4rhf (at)
Feel free to circulate this information in DX world.


One of Navassa 93 DXpedition team

29 March 2011