WRTC 2006 in Brazil

How the winning team worked ... Photos of PT5M Team Canada

Our station is located far north of the area. It took 3-4hrs by bus to Joinville then switched to the host's car and drove another 1.5hrs to the station. It is on the (almost) top of the 1000+ m hill and it looks, at least, more than average. It was set at the station host's country house and still under construction. No one lives there, thus, no BBQ during the contest. The team was able to concentrate to the contest.

Anyway, as the official results says, the Canadian team did an excellent job, and finished as #1 ! It is great honor for me to be a referee for winning team.  Here are some photos to show how the station looks like, how the team work hard.

Team Canada stationed at the country house of our host Joaquim, PP5JY Radio shack is isolated from main house
Antennas. Log periodic for 20-10m, 2ele 40m and inv Vee for 80m at 15m high Another view of antennas
Shack layout of team Canada. FT1000MP as Radio A, IC775 as Radio B 10min before contest. Envelop opened ! PT5M, hmm, not bad
Now time to rock 'n' roll...  
The Referee sits behind them, and monitor all of the contacts ... and the referee sends claimed score every hour for real time score board.
... and the score board is seen like this at Web site. Team Canada, as #1 !, all stars. L to R, Jun JH4RHF/OE1ZKC Referee, Jim VE7ZO, Joaquim PP5JY Host and John VE3EJ, aka Team J ! ( all name starts with J)



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