WRTC 2006 in Brazil

Antennas set at HQ hotel. It was used for PP5WRTC event station as well as for one team of competition. PP5WRTC station equipped with FT DX 9000D + ACOM 1000 amplifier.
Vice Mayer of Frorianopolis at opening celemony. People and people at cocktail party
P43E + WA1S as YL team JE1CKA, JK2VOC and JA2BNN from Japan.
Referee meeting. Chief judge, Roger G3SXW
Lottery meeting for station/referee/team matching. KC1F for referee to JA team
Team China (BA4RF, BA7NQ) Kaz JK3GAD for referee to Team DL(DL6FBL,DL2CC)
Roger, Dave K1ZZ and Mike KC7V discussing just after the contest. #1 M/S Team PS2T. Champ E21EIC (left) with plaque.
#1 CW QSO. Team Mexico XE1NTT+XE1KK #1 Young stars 9A1UN IZ3EYZ
Team Canada receiving the plaque from Oms L to R #3 K1DG+N2NT , #1 VE3EJ+VE7ZO, #2 N6NJ, N2NL
Team Canada all stars L to R Jun (referee), Jim VE7ZO, Joaquim PP5JY (host), John VE3EJ Thanks, Oms and XYL for their hospitality. See you in 2009



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