Trip back to JA 2003

I tripped back to Japan in June 2003.  I was happy to meet a lot of old friends during my stay.

First gathering was in Ebina, very closed to the place I have stayed, on the day I arrived in Japan. Nice to meet Kaz JH8PHT, who usually works in Middle East, just staying in Yokohama coincidently.  I met him in Tunis last time. 

Jun greeting Kaz

(Three photos above courtesy of JI1CYX)


Saori, of Japanese bar, shooting us.


In my home town, Tokuyama, I met Toshi  JH4UHW(l) and Naoshi JN4FEU (r) at their contest shack.


In Tokyo, some keen DXers gathered to meet me. Thanks to Tad JF6OJX for the arrangement.

Yoichi JP1NWZ and Fred JA1ADN of CQ Magazine Isao JH1ROJ (r) and drunk guy...

Happy drunk DXers in Tokyo

l to r:  Tad JF6OJX/JA1DFK, Isao JH1ROJ, Fred JA1ADN, Hisato JA1DOT (ex 7K1WLE),  Hide JJ1CBY, Jun JH4RHF and Yoichi JP1NWZ

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