CCF Meeting 2004

Ari OH5DX and Pasi OH2IW has contacted me in Nov 2003, just before WW CW trip to TS7N, asking me to give some presentation at CCF meeing in January 2004. After several conversations with them and some other friends in Japan, I decided to prepare two presentations which were suggested by Pasi.

With kind cooperations by Yoichi JP1NWZ for KH0AA, Aki JI3ERV for AH2R and many contesters in Japan, I am confident my presentations of

- KH0AA vs AH2R, M/2 WW SSB 2003

- Contesting in Japan

were interesting for the audience.


The meeting was opened with MC by Miika OH2BAD "Oh ! too Bad!"

CCF vice president Toni OH2UA SRAL president Pasi OH3WS

Jari OH3BU talking about small station contesting


Marko OH4JFN comparing contest logging software

Jussi OH5LK introducing VHF contesting

Hi to old friends, Ville OH2EA and Pekka OH1RY


Martin G3ZAY (middle) and other friends from G land

Timo OH1NOA and Joe IT9BLB of IH9P fame

OH1ZAA (middle) had been active in '80s but so active recently

Pekka introduced his new contest shack in EA8 (EA8AH)

The hall was full of contesters

Jukka OH6LI presents trophies to OH conesters

Trophy of WW SSB contest given to team EA8ZS

Kari OH2BP introducing RTTY contesting at the dinner

PA7MM and wife



Girts YL2KL and Giovanni IT9BLB/IH9P

Martti OH2BH Girts and Giovanni


Martin G3ZAY



Then moved up to our room and still drink and drink ....


Some crazy drinkers gathring in Pekka's room. Pasi OH2 is happy with two ladies, his wife Lili and Pekka's girl friend Taina.

I do not remember why Japanese businessman Ken (or Nagasaki san, not ham) was drinking with us...

Pekka OH1RY

Ken is happy with two ladies

Then we moved to Ville's room

Ville, Pekka and Giovanni


Young guys from Cyprus



Though it was hot inside, outside is very cold in January in Finland.


Just for my record....

Program of  The 9th CCF Contest /DX Meeting

17th January 2004

Vantaa, Finland

1200-1210 Opening words, Jukka OH2MA (CCF), Pasi OH3WS (SRAL)

1210-1250 Small station contesting, Jari OH3BU

1250-1330 Comparing (HF) contest software, Marko OH4JFN

1330-1410 VHF/UHF/6m contesting in Finland, Jussi OH5LK

1410-1500 Coffee break

1500-1545 Contesting in Japan, Jun JH4RHF

1545-1610 AH2R vs KH0AA., Jun JH4RHF

1610-1630 The new EA8AH super station, Pekka OH1RY

1630-1700 Coffee break

1700-1730 IH9P Multi operating from Pantelleria Island, Joe IT9BLB

1730-1745 SRAL contest manager's words, Jukka OH6LI

1745-1815 Trophies, closing words


1900-        Contest/DX dinner at Restaurant Tulisuudelma

Planting amateur radio seed to a multiplier rich soil - ZA1A 2003, Martti OH2BH, Perttim OH2PM, Toni OH2UA

RTTY contesting round table, Kari OH2BP