RSGB HF IOTA Convention 1999

RSGB HF IOTA Convention was held in Windsor, such a beautiful place.

Some distributors set their business in a room.

Declan, EI6FR, talking about our ZL9CI trip.

Zoli, HA1AG, gave a presentation on their E4 operation.

Jim, JA9IFF, reporting JA activities on IOTA program.

Bill, K5FUV (l) enjoying "Tower Construction Competition".

Special operation, GB4RS at the convention place.

Yagi and other wires were put for the operation.

Rag chew room, lots of people, lots of beer, lots of talk.

ZL9CI Video Sales Inc.


Roger G3SXW and Trey N5KO

Martin G3ZUY, James 9V1YC

Andy G4ZVJ


K4FUV and A45XR

ZL9CI reunion (parcially)

Andrew receives lots of #1 UK plaques for his WW operation.