XV9RH (last update 2018/11/11)

Another work trip for an exotic country !

I had a chance to go to Viet Nam for work in October 2018. This time I had a 7 day stay in the country including one weekend. It sounds not bad. The licensing procedure is relatively easy, though it took a bit time. Any of government process takes time in this country. Even my visa for work needed almost one month.

This time, I chose my hotel very carefully. I received a list of recommended hotel from the government. I checked the web sites of the hotels carefully, and I chose one hotel where the rooms may have windows which can be opened, according to the photos found in the web page.  I went into my room. It looked as I found in the web. I found the windows which can be opened, but they were locked for safety reasons. I can not open by myself ...oops

Again, indoor antenna like previous S2 operation. This time I prepared a bit for better results. I brought a laptop which may be better for RF feedback. I set my radio as far from the windows as possible for less feedback.

Propagations were not so good and I had severe noise in down town. 17m was productive as well. During several days operation after work, I managed approx 100 QSOs from Hanoi, a half with JAs and a half with EUs. Not so bad for me for spare time operation. Ok, it is enough this time.

+1 for DXFC !

Radio was set inside of the closet, next to the door to maximize the distance from the antenna hang at the window.

A 20m dipole hang at the window. Do you see it ?  ...