Andamam 2006 HamFest (last updated 2007/3/5)

Official part (!) of Ham Fest was organized on April 18 to 20, 2006 with a lot of participants from main land India, a lot of invited officials from both national and local governments.


The participants' interest in amateur radio is significant high, as it is held just a year later than Tsunami disaster at the exact place the disaster has happen. Amateur radio is expected the role as disaster preparedness as well as a tool for technical education at middle schools.

Lt. governor of Andaman, officers of Dep. of Information Technology, of Gov. of India, IT officer of local government were invited.

Lt. governor, Gen Lakhera lighting the lamp. I guess the tower of the lamp is typical ceremony of opening the meeting.

The meeting room was full of participants.

Mr. Ajeer Vidya, director of Dept. IT, Gov of India gives his address

Frank DL4KQ giving his address as the organizer at Europe side.

The program was presented to the officials

Bharathi VU2RBI presented the award from government.

Bharathi receiving the award from ARRL humanism award.

The CNN interview of Bharathi was presented.

Welcome address by Lt. Governor


Tea break

Martti presented their amateur radio promotion in Arbania.

Andrea talked about his trip to Somalia

Glenn presented his promotion project in Bhutan

Ladies on line.

Chandra talked about the broadband on power line (BPL) problem

Jorma gave a hint for M/M contest operation.

Franz showed his experience of trip to ZD7.

The backstage of the meeting is fully busy.

Bharathi and Jun

Mr Baveja, director of Dept IT, recently got his callsign VU2BMB, and made his first contact during the Ham Fest. His daughter background

Jun assisting Mr Baveja for pile up handling.

Some Indian participants.



Leszek SP3DOI had his 60th birthday during his stay.

DL7DF grounp

Andrea IK1PMR (r) and Claudia IZ1KLO

Charles K4VUD and Joe AA4NN

VU4AN all stars

Jun Martti and Charles



And more...


One of the topics during our stay was we found two Polytechnic College teachers received their licenses very recently and have a plan to establish a club station at their school.

They are VU3VPY, MS. Lizzie Dcruz, and VU3VPX, MS. Suraj Moli V.S. (sitting)

Through several different connections we were able to invite the teachers to the Martti's group station.

Hope the plan realizes soon and looking forward to hearing another VU4 signal by locals.



As I was staying at a hotel where some social activities had been arranged, I have many visitors during my operation at my room.

Mohan VU2MYH, Ram VU2LIC (l to r) and their family visited me.


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