SV5/OE1ZKC DX vacation in July 2003

After 2hr flight from Vienna, we are arriving Kos Island just before dark. The approach was finished just after dark.
I was disappointed when I realized our hotel is located on the southern foot of a mountain... Tough location to north... Our hotel has a nice swimming pool . Cool.
The view toward south from the room. Great view. I wish it was north... 

 View toward East. The coast of Turkey can be seen 


 View toward north. My radio wave needs to climb this mountain. 

Another view toward north.


Very compact set up of radio. It is capable of four modes, SSB, CW, RTTY and SSTV (oops,  and FM if you like) Do you see the fishing rod fixed on the balcony ?
I packed all of radio related stuff into the Pelican 1600 case, including an antenna and coax. Though it is a bit large, you can pack in one, and check it in air plane. All of radio stuff. Radio is packed in the Pelican 1600 and the fishing rod for vertical.

Excursion to the town of Kardamena, nearest town from the hotel


An old man selling vegitable.



Another Excursion to the old Kos town.

The fortress on the east end of the island. Turkey side can be seen.
An old castle in the middle of the island. 

So, where do we go in next vacation ?? See you then.