S21ZBD (last update 2017/06/01)

It suddenly came. In Feb 2017, I found I had a schedule to go to Bangladesh in May 2017. The work trip to such exotic countries suddenly came by chance.
Soon I started making contacts to some friends who went there in the past. The licensing procedure is so far straight forward, but it took time. It took about 3 months.

The trip was not good for radio. My work was only for 2 days in Dhaka. Unfortunately, I was in Pakistan in April for 3 weeks, I could not do some special arrangement for radio, such as extend stay or search for radio friendly hotel. Anyway, it is better than nothing.

The hotel was 5 star in the mid Dhaka. It was very nice for stay, but not for radio. My room was 6th floor, but the windows can  not be open... No balcony... I only could hang a wire antenna along the window in the room. As the radio was just half meter away from the antenna, I had a terrible RF feed back to USB connections. It is almost impossible to operate...

So far I managed to make some 20 contacts with JAs on 17m. Ok, it is enough this time. I did not have so much time for radio as well, as I had several "social activities" with colleagues and locals.

+1 for DXFC !


Radio setup of S21ZBD. It looks nice. The desk is at the window side.

Wire hang at the window. Do you think it works ...

Met Nizam, S21B at the hotel.  He kindly took care of my license issue, in particular payment of the fee at last minutes. He made my operation possible.