OJ0U for IARU contest 2001 Last updated Dec 18 2001

Statistics here !

Photo not available

My digital camera was broken just before the helicopter ride to the reef. So, unfortunately any photos are not available for time being unless other members were kind enough to provide their photos. Good job, Nikon !!

IARU contest as OJ0U

Raw score at the end of the contest is like 3,200Qs x 205Mult =2.5Meg. Q's are unbelievable but mults are unbelievable small. Seek for mults, boys !!


45Qs on RTTY and 3 on SSTV as I did not have enough chance to operate. While I was working on antennas and system setup etc, others stuck on 20m SSB pile ups for their fun !! Following figure shows it.

Total QSO number before and after the contest

OJ0/JH1ARJ (20/15 SSB)


OJ0J (OH1NX op: 20/15 SSB)




OJ0VR (OH1VR op: 6m and QRP)


OJ0/AH7X (JP1NWZ op)




Actually, Timo OH1NX said in mid of the operation "Someone wants us 40m but no one on RTTY and SSTV !" This shows how the others UNDERSTANDS such modes ! Tell me boys, how many really want OJ0 on 20m SSB. I already have dozen of QSLs.

This is a good lesson. If you want to succeed, have a team with those who understand you.



United Team of Suomi and Nippon is planning an operation from Market Reef at IARU contest time as follows

Schedule: July 12 to 16 2001

Ops: OH1VR Seppo, OH1NX Timo, OH1TX Jaakko, OH0RJ Lasse, JH1ARJ Massy, JP1NWZ Yo, OE1ZKC/JH4RHF Jun, JR4PMX Hiro

Callsign: OJ0U (IARU test)

OJ0/home call (before and after the test)

QSL manager: JP1NWZ for OJ0U

Home call for other Individual call.

Equip: 3 stations including 6m.

Band mode: 160 - 6m, SSB CW RTTY (possibly SSTV)

For more information or request : e-mail to JH4RHF