IG9A WW 2001

The largest street of the downtown Lampedusa. Our every day starts from breakfast at a cafe here.

Our QTH in beginning. It is desert on the cliff toward to the north. Nothing but a trailer stays here on first day. The tower shown left is for Cellular phone.


The other view of our QTH. The cliff is about 80m high. October in Lampedusa is still summer. Antenna work in daytime is tough. 9A5A and 9A3GW working on 40m 4ele.

Hot and hard work days. Jun at break. Colorful antenna ! Radials of 80m vertical.

Antonello has everything. Do you bring a welder machine to DXpedition ? Robert 9A3GW putting 15m 6/6 on.

Crane is very helpful to put up an antenna. Do you bring a crane to DXpedition?


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