HL4ZDA HL2ZDA (last update 2018/02/26)

Due to rotation in my office, I am now going to South Korea for my work since mid 2017.

Some discussion with my Korean friend, I got a Korean license as HL4ZDA. Thanks for DS4EOI Lee, and HL1IWD Lee.

My radio set up at a hotel in Gyeongju with new purchased IC7300, in Sep 2017.

The fishing rod antenna as well.


I had another trip to Korea in Oct-Nov 2017. As the period included WW SSB and Japan Int'l SSB contest, I asked DS4EOI if I have chances to do some contesting at that time. Lee is kind enough to host me for both contests.
Prior to operations, he arranged my license at his location, so that the callsign was changed to HL2ZDA.

My set up atHL2ZDA @DS4EOI. K3 +SPE 2KFA

Outlook of the container shack


Antnnas at DS4EOI


Another antenna view