HL1/JH4RHF (last update 2009/12/2)

I had a business trip to Korea (South though !) for a workshop. As it was my  first trip to ROK, I tried to find a chance to operate a radio.
License would not be easy, but it would not be so difficult if I had a host to take care. I consulted Nao, JA1HGY, who has a lot of friends in ROK, and he introduced Lee HL1IWD to me.

Easiest way to be licensed is to share equipment with local host, in such case I only can operate at the host. Lee was kind enough to (really) host me, spend two days in two weekends with me to let me operate his radio. I really appreciate his (and his wife and his daughter) hospitality. I managed to log approx 500Qs during my stay in Seoul.

Jun running 20CW


Jun (L) and Lee