HB0/OE1ZKC on the way back from Ham Radio, Fridrichshafen, 2005

(to be updated. last update 25 Oct 2005)

My new bought IC 756 ProIII powered my HB0 operation for his first DX trip.  IC 706 should be (was planed to be) sold at FN !( but still with me...)

Fortunately, my room was on second (first in European way !) floor and had a large balcony which is open to the air. Best room for antenna set up, except it is located at the bottom of the valley ! I put 40m vertical (10m long) in 5 min.   Another view of my antenna. It looks OK ! 
June 26-27 2005 

Total QSO: approx 250


HB0 at last !

I was always thinking of an operation in HB0 on the way to (from) Fridrichshafen, as it is only 30-50km away from FN. I tried to contact a hotel which my friend has recommended last year, but no answer by e-mail. I tried same hotel this year, too, but the rate is so expensive (it is natural, as it is 5 stars !). OK, I tried to book another hotel. I made several search by Google, and sent e-mails. Unbelievably, their responses were very slow, or even no answer. I wonder if e-mail were not popular in HB0, or even unavailable ! Finally I booked a room at the hotel only which gave me quick replies. It was located in Balzers, southern end of the country, and of couse, bottom of the valley. I do not care it, as almost of towns in Lichtenstein are located in the bottom. I did not expect so much success. It is mid summer, and just two day operation. I just want some radio fun there. 

It was surprising, there were many HB0/ (yes, HB0/, this means visitors) on the air, and I was called by some of them. Following is the snapshot of DX summit during my stay. Many guys thought same thing, just to drop into HB0 after FN !



Some more non-radio-related photos will be here