YU/- E7/OE1JUN and almost 1L4RH (last update 2023/09/29)

A short trip to add DXFC points !

I had a shot trip to ex Yugoslavia area to add some DXFC points.

Day 1: Drove from Vienna thru Hungary to a small city in Serbia just next to the boarder. As usual, I was careful to chooose the hotel, i.e. if windows can be open, the rooms are above ground floor etc. I found motels at gas stations would mostly meet these conditions. Furthermore, they will be a bit out of the city center. It would be also good to avoid some noises from city center. And price is very nice !

The view from the windows of my room. Upstair of a gas station out of a city.

Usual radio was set on the desk for YU/OE1JUN.

The antenna from my window as usual.

Day 2: First I drove to Ark Village of Liberland in Serbia to meet Thomas Walls, the Minister of Foreign Affairs. I had a lot of interesting chats with Thomas there.

Thomas Walls (center) at Ark Villege.

After the meeting I drove back to Hungary thru the boarder, went into Croatia and again cross the boarder to Bosnia and Herzegovina. I booked a motel just after the boarder control. My room was upstare and has a balcony. It was ideal for my purpose.

The view from the balcony.

Unfortunately it was hevy rain all that day. The antenna work was tough even though it was very easy and simple. The noise level was much lower the the previous day, possible because here is away from next city.

The antenna set on the balcony.

Usual radio sitting on the desk for E7/OE1JUN.

Day 3: I drove back to cross the boarder to Croatia and headed to the area called "Liberland", located between official boarders of Croatia and Serbia

I parked my car at the entrance of a way to that area. Croatian polices were located there like as a Check point. They stopped me, asked the documents, asked some questions and tried to argue me. They did not like me to go inside. I simply asked if I could go. They said I could go but if I went out of the Croatian boarder, I would be reported to the local police and I will be banned to enter Cratia for 3 months. He told me polices were located 3 places, both end of the way and in the middle at the corner where another small path to that area started.

I walked straight the way. When I passed 1km post, one police car came to me. The police asked same questions. I told them I already discussed with others at the Check point. They told me same warnings. At the corner to turn to that area, I met same guys. I asked them if I could go inside. They told me there is a gate. I could go up to the gate. If I pass that gate, I will be reported. I told them I do not go thru it, I do not want to make any problems for anyone and I do not want to argue.

1km post.

Here I turned to go further inside.

I turned the corner and went into a small path. The police followed me by their car. I let them go. They might want to watch what I would do and what I would not do. Walked straight about 2km without any fun, I arrived at a shore. Here I found the gate, and met the police again here. I asked them if I could take photos here, they said ok. I took some photos around the gate and the shore. One guy was fishing here with a special permit. There is a path continue beyond the gate, about 800m until the boarder.

The gate

View from the beach

The position of the gate/beach I reached.

No more thing I could do here. I started to go back. The police offered me a ride to the Check point. I apprecated, as the total distance I walked was about 6km. On the way back, they were so far friendly, as they had no worries on me any more. I enjoyed some chats with them.

That's all on my way to Liberland this time. Hope I could go there without any issues in near future.

For this 3 days, +1 for DXFC +2 for DXFC QRV and some scouting for future !