CE3/JH4RHF (last update 2016/11/23)

It was long way from Vienna to Santiago in Chile.
Anyway, I arrived at the hotel in downtown Santiago in late afternoon Jan 8 2016. Fortunately my room was at higher floor. Immediately I put the antenna out of the window. It looks so far ok.

My antenna, 15m dipole supported by a fishing rod out of the window.

CE3/JH4RHF set up. I brought the equipment only for CE3 (and VP8RHF) operation.

Band was very noisy as I am in the middle of down town. Anyway, I managed to make some 30QSOs. It is enough for DXFC point !


The street just out of the hotel. Full of people !!

I got up at 5am in following morning to continue the trip to Falkland, the meeting point of VP8STI/SGI trip...