A62A A60A A65/JH4RHF (last update 2023/04/07)

It was a mid 2022. I received an e-mail notification. My Emirates mileage will be expired soon. As I may not have chances to have Emirates flights in near future, I decided to spend all of mileage out.

The price of Emirates award flight depends on the flight dates. Flights in Christmas time, new year are expensive, and I did not have enough mileage. March is a bit cheaper, I decided to have a trip in March. The trip includes a big contest, WPX SSB contest.

Then, I checked the process to get a radio permit. I contacted Emirate Amateur Radio Society. Permits can be applied thru them. I was also informed that EARS has a well equipped office. It is open on working days. I made an appointment to visit HQ to meet locals.

Next: hotel. The most important point for me is if antennas can be expanded, balconies attached, or windows can be opened at least. Thus, I did not want hotels of tall buildings, which may not have windows which can be opened. Finally I chose a room of airbnb type in non tourist area, which declares a balcony.

It was a bit hustle on arrival. I spent hours to meet my host, as the room was changed. The booked room was not available for some technical reasons and the host provided another room in another building, which I was not informed in advance. The room is ok, except it has no balcony or no windows open to outside. One window faces to next buildings... I tried to set up my stuff but I did not hear many signals...

An antenna set at the window. The windows faces other buildings. Hmm it may not work well.


The radio set on the table. Not many signal heard with an antenna facing inside of buildings...

The next day, I visited EARS HQ. It is located out of the cities, approx 30km from nearest Dubai Metro station. Actually it is in Sharjha, another Emirate, not in Dubai. It is open from 5pm. Thus, I arrived there 5pm. It is in the boy scout complex. As see below, it has excellent antenna setup.

My contact Nader A65A, Khalid A61NN, who is a board member, and other members welcomed me. I had a chance to operate their well equipped HQ station A62A as a guest to made some 200 Qs on HF. Khalid showed me the station and facilities, which include a well equipped satellite operating position.

Khalid operating the satellite position for Green Cube. Callsign A68A is used for satellite contacts.

Even Khalid gave me an award and some souvenirs.

Khalid told me they will have a team to participate WPX SSB contest in coming weekend. This is what I have expected but I could not clarify when I have talked to Nader. I expressed I want to join them. He welcomed me and add me to the Whatapp group. The team was led by Alex A65BP, who has been in UAE for long time.

The team members come to the shack whenever they want, operate and go home for a rest. As HQ is away from public transport and the contest starts at 5am local, I came to the shack mid day Saturday and stay untill Sunday night.

OM6TY working at Slovak embassy.


A61MW Amir


A65BP Alex

At the end we had more than 4000Qs and 17M points, and a lot of chat with guys !  It was unexpected fun !