9H3RH DX vacation in Jul/Aug 2004

Jul 25- Aug 8 2004

Total QSO: approx 1,700

Summar vacation with radio again !

It was again very enjoyable vacation for me, much relaxing, exotic landscapes and some radio.

The equipment, as shown above, was quite simple, IC706mkII + simple verticals (I prepared two, for 20m and 40m), though they are set almost holizontally from the valcony. They worked good so far, 40m vertical for 40 and 30, 20m vertical for 20, 17 with ATU. The antennas were extended when operated and collapsed after the operations.

Due to poor antennas on the valcony, poor propagation and low power, the pile ups were not so big and they were mostly Europe. Unfortunately I worked very few JAs. However, it was fun enough for vacation.

See you next !


Some more non-radio-related photos are here