After 6hr drive from Johannesburg to south, we are now crossing the border to Lesotho. In  Lesotho, 4hr drive on such rough up and down winding road...
Finally arriveed at Katse Lodge, our QTH in Lesotho, the only hotel available for westerns here.
Antenna work.  
Daniel erecting up the trailer tower. ...and it is almost full up.
80m vert was erected the other day with 26 radials. Then 2m Yagis for EME got ready
My operating position. FT1000MP+HL1K. Such small amp is enough to keep pile ups busy. Jun at operating position.
Daniel is working on 2m EME Our team, Father Daniel, Daniel ZS6JR and Jun JH4RHF

The antenna setup. 2m Yagi in foreground and HF tower in background. I hope you can see 80m vertical in far behind. (click picture to enlarge)

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