3V8CB WPX SSB 2002

   I planned to play WPX SSB contest at 3V8CB, a club station near Tunis.  There is a station setup and everything could be available. I was told there are an IC706 and a tribander.

When I arrived the shack, I found the rotor was out of control and the beam was always heading toward SE. SWR of the tribander is always over 3, on all band. IC 706 is leaving away for the establishment of other club. Fortunately I brought my old friend, IC735 and tiny old AT120 antenna tuner. So far I managed to be on the air.

One of my friend staying in Tunis told me the weather was very nice and temperature was around 20 degree. Unfortunately it changed when I arrived. Weather was always dark cloudy, or sometime heavy rain and I felt freezing. As there is no heating at the shack, operation at night was really freezing.  I felt I caught bad cold, I stop operating and stay at hotel Saturday night.

So far, my tough contesting was finished, with 2000QSO and 4Mpoints. It was far away from #1.  I do not think I could achieve 4000QSO if I have operated fully 36hrs. I do not know if propagation was bad or not, but surely my condition was bad.

Anyway this was one of my good experience of contesting. I learnt I need to prepare much more. 

I appreciate Mustapha DL1BDF, operators of 3V8CB, and the director and other staff at International Camping Center  of Scout Tunisia at Bordj Cedria where the station located, who made my operation possible.