3B9C Antennas (last updated 2007/10/31)

2element 40

K9AY loop for 160RX

5element 10

4element 15

4element 17

another 4element 17

3element 20

Beverage on the fence

2element vertical for 80

Titanix 160 vertical

6/6 on 6m

6element 10

6m and 10m antennas with shack

Another view of antenna firm with shack

Another 2element vertical 80

2element 30m

2element vertical 30

Another 3element 20

4element 17

4element 12

20m 4element with shack

6m and 10m antennas with shack

Overview of the site

40m 4SQ

Antenna firm

Another view of the firm

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