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Municipal RACES 

Each Hudson County municipality has an Office of Emergency Management (OEM). However, at this time, the only active RACES unit is in Secaucus.

The leader of a RACES unit holds the title of Radio Officer (RO).  ROs report to their town's Emergency Management Coordinator (EMC), but often work closely with the Hudson County Radio Officer. A municipal RO has many of the same responsibilities as the County RO. These include overseeing actual emergency operations, maintaining the EOC radio equipment, and recruiting and training new members. 

Ideally, the RO should also be the ARES Emergency Coordinator, or EC (an EC reports to a volunteer ARES District Emergency Coordinator, or DEC). To find out more about the responsibilities of these similar positions, consult the ARES "Emergency Coordinator's Manual" which you can order online from the ARRL. Hudson County ARES members can view the manual online in the files section of the Hudson County ARES reflector, which is part of Yahoo! Groups.