Juneau Amateur Radio Club, Inc.

Mt Roberts.jpg (16251 bytes) JARC's Downtown Juneau Repeater (KL7JRC-R) is located on Mt. Roberts,  seen here from across the channel in Douglas, Alaska.  No need to worry about your handy talkie from cruise ships as the repeater is a thousand feet above you!

A repeater users guide is available to all JARC Members.  The guide includes instructions for the use of features such as autopatch, autodial, reverse patch, time, and signal strength reports.

Cruise Ship Passenger Guide

Repeater Status (as of December, 2011)

Mt. Roberts Tramway R146.82/T146.22 A new tower and antenna has been installed at the radio
shack. The repeater and link are both working with some
over-modulation problems.
Lena Point R147.00/T146.40 Repeater is operating well since the new controller was installed. New antennas need to be installed.
Mendenhall Valley Repeater R146.64/T146.04 System is located at Jerry’s home in the Valley. It needs
some adjustment.
Hoonah Mountain R146.70/T146.10 Repeater is now functioning, although the signal is a little
State Repeater
(Pederson Hill)
R147.30/T147.90 Not functioning
Petersburg/Duncan Canal R147.36/T146.76 Equipment has not yet been installed, but will soon be
checked by the new ATT technician, when he has an
Haines Repeater R147.06/T147.66 Equipment will be brought back to Juneau for repair
Skagway Crossband 440 mHz band
WA6AX0 IRLP node 3828 R146.88/T146.28 Half-duplex 100.0 pl

System is operational.
Located downtown (above the cruise ship docks)
No squelch tail is normal

As noted, some of these repeaters are linked, and share an autopatch.  All are open repeaters and visitors are welcome.  Repeater use is encouraged; simplex doesn't work all that well in our hilly terrain.  Please frequently pause so other traffic has an opportunity to break.

Jerry Prindle KL7HFI standing at the radio club's 146.82 repeater that is housed in this building appended to the MT. Roberts Nature Center. The repeater "shack" was built by Ron Hagerup WL7ZN.

The Insiders view of the KL7PF Repeater. Jerry working on the 146.82 Mt. Roberts Repeater.

The repeater custodian is Jerry Prindle, KL7HFI.  Control Operators are KL7HFI, and WA6AXO.  If you are having a problem accessing a repeater function, ask for assistance.  There is usually someone who is monitoring the repeater frequencies and can help out.