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This page is a for forms and files handy for ARES members.  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to get the files.



Special Note:  The below links are to files, some on this site, and some on the ARRL site.  In either case you may be asked for an FTP password or user name.  Select "anonymous" and enter nothing.  The file will then download.  Be patient, it may take awhile.  You can then print the form using the icons in the new frame that opens up.  Some files may indeed need a password and user name.  If you need those files you will be given that information.  PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader to open, use the link at the bottom of the page to download the free software.  Other files may need Microsoft Word to open.


Forms Center



Useful for

ARES Plan for SE AK   Plan for ARES in SE Alaska (PDF file) You can download Acrobat Reader below. ARES Members 
Incident Command  Instructions on Incident Command structure.  ARES Members, Any Ham
National Traffic System and other Alaska Nets A Diagram of the various nets available in Juneau (MS Word) Any Ham 
Emergency and Disaster Communications A Plan for Juneau (PDF) ARES Members
Juneau Contact Numbers A very handy contact sheet for Juneau Emergency Services (MS Word) Net Controllers
Southeast Alaska Contact Numbers Emergency numbers in SE communities (MS Word) Net Controllers
Repeaters in the Juneau Area  A graphic layout of the repeaters - current and planned (MS Word) Any Ham
Preamble Northern Southeast Alaska ARES Net  The Juneau ARES Net Preamble (MS Word) Juneau ARES Members and Net Controllers
Special Events Manual The Special Events Communication Manual (link) Any Ham
arc2079h1  American Red Cross welfare inquiry form. ARES Members and Any Ham 
Recommended Training A list of recommended training for ARES members (MS Word) ARES Members
FSD 218   Relief Emergency Routine Messages Recommended Procedures (pdf file) ARES Members
FSD-98(687)  ARES registration form (pdf File) Hams interested in Joining ARES
Radiogram ARRL Radiogram Form (pdf file) Any Ham; highly recommended for ARES Members
FSD-3  Relief & Routine Numbered Radiograms (pdf file) ARES Members
ICS309 Communications Log Incident Communications Log (MS Word) ARES Members
FSD-220 Communications Procedures Handy chart of useful information:  ARRL Comm Procedures, Phonetic Alphabet, RTS System and Time conversion chart Any Ham
Simulated Emergency Test 2001 ARRL guidelines Reference for 10/6&7/01 ARRL SET (link) Any Ham; Recommended for ARES Members to review
Juneau ARES Registration An on-line registration form is under construction ARES Members, or potential members
ARRL Emergency Coordinator Manual Emergency Coordinator Manual (pdf file Emergency Coordinators (password required)

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