W2APRS OSM edition

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What is W2APRS OSM edition?

It's been a while since I released W2APRS. It supports USB-serial converters of three major companies, that is, FTDI, Prolific and Silicon Lab. I added the Bluetooth link mode; since then I have stopped the develpment because I am busy on my business. Now, I would like to give an off-line map a try.

I have decided to use Open Street Map (OSM) for the map data, since OSM has very good coverage on the areas around Japan.

The functions and usage of W2APRS OSM edition are very similar to those of old W2APRS, which uses Google Maps.

I hope you can enjoy APRS mapping with OSM.

Version history and installation

Click on the URL link of the Version column in the table below.

Version Release date Note Known problems
0.4.1a Feb. 20, 2015 Changed the signature so that the user can install W2APRS Google Maps and W2APRS OSM versions in the same device (Tnx to DJ7OO). Before installing this version, uninstall all W2APRS versions.
0.4.0d Jan. 23, 2015 Made it compliant to Android 3.1 (Tnx to JA6CFI)
0.4.0b Jan. 22, 2015 Fixed some bugs. Changed icons.
0.4.0a Jan. 18, 2015 First release.


The server of OSM is slower than Google Maps, and thus the map tiles are gradually loaded in the window. However, the cached map titles are displayed quickly.

How to download off-line map data

Click on the menu button at the top right corner.

Select Download map.

You will be asked to set the maximum zoom level (default is the current zoom level + 2 ).

Clicking OK gets W2APRS to start downloading the map data. It should be noted that it takes time. You can stop the downloading operation at any time, so give it a try and see how long it should take. Even if you stop the operation in the middle of the download process, the downloaded tiles are valid to work.

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