W6KG and W6QL, Mr. and Mrs. Colvin

W6KG and W6QL, Mr. and Mrs. Colvin went around the world nearly 200
countries, from 1960's to 1990's. It is said that the QSO number that they
made was registered in the Guinnes Book.
They were in armed forces to Japan after WW2 and very active as J2AHI. They
had many Japanese radio amateurs.
W6KG was SK in Turkey in December 1993 when they were on the DXpedition
aroud the world. W6QL, XYL was SK in Februry 1998.

J2AHI went back to USA on 1947.
He was active as W6KG, and Iworked him on 1957.
W6KG and W6QL went around the world,
and this QSL is from C9. I worked her in 1990.

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