W4BPD 1962 Second Indian Ocean DXpedition
Part 1

The QSL cards of the first DXpedition in the history by Gus, W4BPD from the Aldabra

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Gus was on the Aldabra for 13 days from May 5th 1962.
Return trip from Aldabra to Seychelles was very bad,
rough weather and it took 8 days.
He was on 14035kHz and took stations down 10kHz on
CW, and on 14125kHz for SSB. The signal was good and
about S7to S8 in Tokyo.
Gus was on from Aldabra as VQ9A/7 for install the
wireless equipments on the island again from July
1st for a week.
He was on 14035kHz listening 6kHz down this
time. Signal was weak in Tokyo about S6.

Gus did his first DXpedition in late 1960, his big target was to activate from Aldabra, but he could not land to the
Aldabra because of bad weather.
Then he planned to make second DXpedition to Indian Ocean, he asked to readers of DX Magazine that
"Let me know about any information about amateur radio locensing of HV, ZA, Mount Athos, Rhodes, Aldabra, Yemen,
MP4M, Damo, Diu, Sikkim...."
Those countries were very rare even to go and very hard to get license.
He wanted to start his DXpedition on around early part of 1962, and his second DXpedition was started on April 1962.

Gus went to Indian Ocean with his four friends, W0AIW and so. He made his second DXpediton alone.

The QSL cards that I had worked with him in his second DXpedition.
Those countries were very rare countries, not much activities were reported or new one.

The most rare one was from LH4C Bouvet Island in his 1962 DXpedition.
He made the first radio operation from the island.
I could not worked with LH4C, because I had changed my QTH from Tokyo city to suburb of the city
and had no antenna when he was on the island.

JA1BLC,JA1BK and JA1VX were only JA stations reported to work with LH4C
There is no activities from the island for 15 years till March 1977 by 3Y1VC. After that, 3Y1VC from late 1978
to early 1979, 3Y5X in late 1989 to early 1990 and 3Y0C in 2001 were reported active from the island.

Gus was stoped on Seychelles
on the way to Aldabra.
I worked with VQ9A/8C
Chagos, Gus was on
14035 and listend 038.
He was on 14125
transcive for SSB .
Rwanda is count as a new
country from July 1st 1962.
Gus started his operation
from 9U in September 1962.
I worked him on Sept. 24 on
After 9U5ZZ, he operated
from Burundi.
I worked him in Sept. 26 on
He gave me two more new
After Gus went back from Aldabra to Seychells, he operated VQ9C from Cosmoled, then he back to Aldabra again
as VQ9A/7. He operated from Assumption as VQ9A/AN on the way to Chagos. After Chagos opetation, he went to 9U.
He operated from two 9Us for only 3 to 4 days.
After 9U operation, he back to Africa mainland then he went to Tristan da Cunha with expedition team. ZD9AM was
his call on from Tristan da Cunha. The island was active volcano and exploded at that time, the expedition team
landed to the island to research.
According to Gus when he came to Japan in 1964, the expedition team went to Bouvet island on the way back to
Africa, so he did operate LH4C from the island.

only 3 stations from Japan. JA1BK, JA1VX and JA1BLC were
reported to work with LH4C.

Gus operated from November 26 on the island. I moved QTH
to suburb of Tokyo on Nov. 24 and had no any antenna at that
time. Then I could not work with him.
It was around 16Z when JA stations worked with LH4C.
I worked him at 22Z on 14033
and 14125 his usual freq.

When Gus went to Indian Ocean, Danny, VP2VB on the board of Yasme 3 operated FO8AN from Tahiti.
W0MLY went DXpedition to newly independent African countries around May to July.
There had been big DXpedition around that time.

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