Mr. and Mrs. White's QSL cards.
W1WPO was taking charge of DXCC when I joined in the DXCC race in 50's
There was a little information about DXCC rules in those days that he answered
politely to my various questions.

Mr. DXCC and his wife. W1WPO was taking charge of
DXCC from 1952 to 1976 for 24 years. He was SK
on 22 November 2002 at age of 83.
According to ARRL bulletin, he checked 250,000
QSLs annually, worked for DXCC program 90 hours
a week..
He changed his call from W1WPO to W1CW later.
He lived in warm Florida and enjoyed amateur radio.
As Ellen, the famous White's wife was working for many
years in ARRL with W1WPO.She was active as well, and
changed her call to W1YL later. It's an wonderful call
with the husband!
When I visited ARRL in 1971, W1WPO & JA1DM in front
of the DXCC card lockers.
At the ARRL office.
I traveled from New York to Hartford by Greyhound bus
and took 3 hours and a half. Mr. DXCC took me kindly
to ARRL from bus terminal by his car!
A post card of W1AW at that time.
The shack and antennas of W1AW. I was very surprised to see the towers and antennas.
In Japan at that time, it was very hard to set tower
and my dream was to have big tower for yagi beam

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