QSO with AC4NC

In hot summer night sometime in July 1953, I was listening 20mband
as usual and the bandseemed to be not open to DX.
JA1CR he was very active at that time, he asked me how about DX tonight?
and I heard only a few JA stations on 20m. Then I was listening
20m CW band again for a while. After a while, I heard a KA station working
with uncommon callsign on around 14.11MHz CW.
It was AC4NC from Tibet ! Wow !
After the QSO with KA station, a few JA stations called him, and the
first reply was to JA3BB in Oska.
Then JA1DM, JA1CR, JA1FA, JA1AH and JA1AL were worked with him.
These 6 amateurs were very lucky JAs.
Nearly a year after, QSL card of AC4NC arrived from VU QSL bureau
to JARL bureau.
This is one of my greatest QSL card that I have.
JA1CR got the first Japanese WAZ with this AC4NC card, after the


Tibet was a separate entity before 1974 when DXCC desk counted it as an deleted entity.
Tibet was one of most needed entity among DXers at that time.

Books about Tibet are many. One of those is "Seven Years in Tibet" written by Heinrich Harrer who is an Austrian alpinist. He was in the Himalayas before WW2 and was arrested by British army after WW2 started. He escaped from army camp and entered to Tibet on foot. He walked more than two thousands kilometers during one and a half year to get to Lhasa.
He met Reg Fox, AC4YN and Bob Ford, AC4RF in Lhasa.

Seven Years in Tibet
By Heinrich Harrer
Three Years inTibet
By Japanese Buddhist
Ekai Kawaguchi.
Published in 1904

In 1898, a Japanese Buddhist "Ekai Kawaguchi" entered to Tibet for learning
Buddhism. It was nearly 50 years ago before H. Harrer entered to Tibet. He wrote
a book "Three years inTibet" in 1904 in Japan. English book was published in 1909.

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