9N1MM, Father Marshall Denis Moran

The operator of this station, 9N1MM was an American Jesuit priest from USA, had been in India for
his missionary work in 1929 and started amateur radio as VU2SX in 1947.
In 1951, he was transferred to Kathmandu for his duty and started amateur radio as
9N1MM from 1960.
He was very famous as 9N1 Mickey Mouse, The Voice of the Himalayas.
He died on April 1992 at age of 85.
The book "Moran of KATHMANDU" was published for his memory in 1997.

QSL card of Father Moran, I worked him on 1963. The book "Moran of KATHMANDU" author is
D A. Messerschmidt and was published in 1997.

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