panoramic rx pictures

3180+3200khz signals and 1st order-intermod products x:10khz x div y:10db x div


max sensitivity: almost 80 db

y: 10db x div

max swept:600khz

see details on the left shot


100khz swept

two signals 1khz frequency separation

video filter: on

y:10db x div.


without video-filter

narrow band FM

1khz mod

x: 1khz x div

without video-filter
narrow FM mod:Fmod:1khz mf:2,4(dev.)

1st Bessel's zero (carrier-null)

y:5db x div

3-sigs-100khz separation


75 db video-filt.:off

x: 25khz x div y: 10db x div

am modulation: carrier and sidebands

freq.mod:1khz - -x: 1 khz x div



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