7 mhz -vertical monopole - high efficiency half wave vertical radiator - fisical lenght= 8 mts ,very low radiation angle, multi-loading to keep losses low,good decoupling system , no radials needed , just a short counterpoisebanda 40m, monopolo verticale mezz'onda,ma fisicamente lungo 8m,basso angolo di radiazione alta efficienza,non ha bisogno di radiali,solo un contrappeso, efficienza esaltata dal sistema a caricamento misto adottato
tips and notes = coil= 14 turns,bifilar winding (2x1.5mm)-spaced-coil lenght: 85mm ; Coil diam.= 80 mm; L=12uH; Link:2 turns on the cool-side (ground).Capacitive hat:see picture

Antenna winding: copper-tape 10mm wide;0,1mm thick,overall lenght: 41,04 meters.C=45pF made by RG58(almost 0.9pF x cm )

important note:insulate the end of coax capacitor and cut the brade shorter than inner wire.This procedure will void electric arc on the coax tip .Insulate by rubber-tape

counterpoise: 2,8 m,aluminum rod (antenna mast) insulated _

Antenna : 8 m , fiberglass fishing pole. SWR= 1:1 , bandwidth 100khz with swr = 1:1,5

For best results this antenna takes advantage of distributed inductance,capacitance and capacit_hat