2 X 2
dual-band (extended ) hex-ant (20+15m) gain :5/6 dBd ; f/b :32dB (deep null test site) good dx performer:up to 2 s -points better than commercial tribander on antipodal and long-path contacts antenna ad "X" di tipo esteso per 20 e 15m,guadagno 5/6dBd , f/b 32 dB (nullo) fino a due punti di s-meter meglio di una commerciale tribanda su collegamenti via lunga o antipodali.
L = 13 turns;wire diam= 1,2mm (2uH)balun :18 turns RG58(50ohm)on 3 ferrite rods
C = 20pF made by RG58 (about 19,5cm)tips: insulate the antenna-arms from cross