AM7910 recovered


Some month ago a friend gave me a lot of card full of transistor, chip, resistor ecc.; on one of it there was an AM7910, the famous chip used in 1200/300 packet modem; unfortunatly it was soldered directly on the board, and it was a double face board, with the chip soldered on both side; so it was hard to use a simple solderer to recover it.

After recovered it, I'll test it on an other modem just removing the original AM7910 on the base and inserting my one; if it will work, I'll build a new packet modem.
But how to do it? with double face-double soldered card it's hard to unsolder any device.
So I decided to cut the bord just near the pin border (parallel to the chip) and then in the middle, just below the chip;
after that it was easy unsolder the chip; but some pin was ruined so it was necessary to rebuild it: using a "1000 holes" board and some pin recovered from an old computer jack soldered on this small board I made it (see picture below).

computer jack  1000 holes board  1000 holes board

..and this is the new chip with pin rebuilt.

the chip recovered (botton view)  the chip recovered (front view)  the chip recovered (front view)

73 de iz7ath, Talino