my self-berig pole with my VHF antennas


I don't want explain you a new project but just suggest something in case you have problems on the roof;
I live in a detached house so I have not any problems on my roof, but the last summer I needed to put up new antennas for VHF band without using my quad's pole; what could I do?
I remember Rino (IK7XLW), who mounted his VHF beams and HF wire-dipoles using a self-bearing pole; so I built one like that.
In a cardboard box I assembled a steel-cage; then I fill up the box with slow-setting cement; the day after it was ready to go..!
I suggest you to build it on the roof, if not it will be very hard to move....!
My box is 60x40x35 cm and the pole is 7 mt high.


basis of my self-berig pole

73 de iz7ath, Talino