IW3SGT waveform drumplot (Z - vertical)

This is an amatorial station and this drum does not have any scientific value.
Drum refresh approx every 5 minutes (click on drum image for full resolution)
IW3SGT drum captures (Pinterest), or old pages: 2019 - 2018 - 2017 - 2016
Essential information about IW3SGT station:
4.5Hz geophone, 24bit ADC, sw Dolquake (see below for settings), limestone rock soil 360m asl (Carso), 45.66N 13.83E, Trieste, NE Italy
Software settings since 2018-08-14
HAL: V6.9 - pin_7 Fast and 50 campioni/sec (= internal ADC filter ON) - pin_ch velocità di risposta 20
Dolquale: v578 - 50Hz - zoom drum 5 - micro zoom 5
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