I am very active in microwave world and not in contest and test only but equipment construction also! Except for the transceiver that I use to drive several transverters (IC202, IC402, FT290), all the rest are homemade gears: transverter, pre-amplifier, amplifier, guide-filter, horn, illuminators, etcetera. For the modules calibration I use homemade frequency-meter, homemade signal generator, a Marconi up to 18 GHz power meter and a Hewlett-Packard spectrum analyzer. After few years of work, I have achieved transverters for 1,2 - 2,3 - 5,7 - 10 - 24 - 47 GHz (3,4 GHz unauthorized in Italy). At the moment I have not idea to build 75 GHz transverter because I will be the only to have it and I can not to do qso with......myself !!! In the 150 KM range, there are many stations active in 6 millimeter band (47 GHz): IW2BNA, IZ2DJP, I4QIG, I3CLZ, I3ZVN, IK3NWV, IW3EHQ, I3SOY, S51JN but no one of them is QRV in 75 GHz band. Under, you can see some pictures of homemade transverters and relating particular, besides, the performance during some contests, including the 24 GHz/250 KM bilateral SSB QSO with S51JN/P and 47 GHz/188 KM bilateral SSB QSO with I4QIG/4.


Marconi 6460/1 up to 18 GHz power meter            Microwave gears that I normally use                 


I. F. for transverter drive                                             1296 MHz transverter                                            


2,3 GHz transverter                                                       2,3 GHz inside view transverter                         


5,7 GHz transverter                                                      10 GHz transverter                                                


24 GHz transverter                                                        24 GHz inside view transverter                          


24 GHz guide-filter particular                                    Another 24 GHz inside view transverter           


 24 GHz wave guide/SMA transition                         Transfer switch and 24 GHz power amplifier   


47 GHz transverter                                                       47 GHz inside view transverter                           


47 GHz Wave guide and some illuminators            24 and 47 GHz feeds                                              


Tuning 2,3 GHz band                                                    IW3FZQ/4 during IARU Test      


left to right: IW3FQT, IW3HPO, IW3FZQ test          IW3FZQ/4 from JN54QF                                      


Here, myself from Montecalderaro (BO)                   Waiting the propagation !!!!                                
 WWL JN54RI in May contest                                                                                                                          


"The contest must go on also in the night"                 2,3 - 5,7 - 10 GHz equipment