9A/I3CLZ connecting me on 24 GHz band.         
The first Italy/Croatia QSO on this band!!!          

9A/I3ZVN connecting me on 10 GHz band.        
 Please note: 90 KM across Adriatic Sea                  
          without antenna !!!                                                               

Another microwave photo: this time is               
 showed IZ2DJP Adelio's car with parabolic       
                               antennas for 10 and 24 GHz during 201 KM                                     
 far-off QSO with me.                                               

Remember Giorgio De Paoli IW3EDS (SK)         

IK3JLS, IW3FZQ and IV3GBO                               

IV3GBO testing ICOM IC-781                                

IW3HXI in "RF FULL IMMERSION" !!!                


IW3IBK during Optibeam antenna installation   


 A memorable photo, year 1987 (L. to R.):              
  IW3FZQ, IW3FZO, IK3NWX and Sandron