Here, you can see some radio and TV repeater photos. In this session I have put the most tower pics positioned near my city or in the neighbouring regions. I have hundred of this pictures but only the best are included.   


Myself during climb up a TV tower     RAI and RAS radio/TV tower near 
                                                                           Corvara. On the background you           
                                                                        can see the famous "Piz Boe" peak.      


    Maintenance work on "Radio Isarco" repeater       Particular of "Radio Isarco" antenna link.            
 above "Gardena Pass".                                                                                                                                  


A big storm is coming, you read my thought:       IW3FZQ and IW3ICH near the RAI tower on 
           to take to one's heels !                                                top of "Monte Venda".                                                   


RAI on "Monte Venda": link tower on the left       
(75 metres high) and transmitting tower on          
the right (160 metres high).                                       


Another suggestive image of the         "RAI 1" on 92,1 MHz and "GR Parl" 
Monte Venda transmitting tower.        on 106,8 MHz near Rubbio.              


A group of FM repeater near Rubbio.                     Particular of link antenna: AFRTS radio.          


Abandoned dipoles array.                    The big tower, Rubbio. From here: 
Sandron, where are you ??                    RadioCompany on 96 MHz 16 KW
                                                                     Radio 105 on 96,4 MHz 10 KW          
                                                                    BumBum Network on 90,4 MHz      
                                                            RadioMonteCarlo on 99,8 MHz
                                                             and RockFM on 107 MHz (same
                                                               frequency than AFRTS, 50 meters
                            by side!!!!!!!!!)


Here, (L. to R:): Radio Marilu on 105 MHz      
Radio Star on 92,95 MHz,  OREB on 90,2 MHz
and AFRTS (U.S.A.) on 106 and 107 MHz.