50,400.5  MHz

Since December,7 2002 is active my 6mt beacon from JN55UW. It is located in my holiday house, near Enego, a little mountain village in the Asiago Tableland, Vicenza province. It is composed by all home-made parts: power supply, high-stability oscillator, CW message generator, five-stage amplifier, SWR protection, low-pass filter. At present it is calibrated for 10 Watts output power but the amplifier is with continuity adjustable to obtain between 
4 Watts and 25 Watts RF. To avoid fire risk and blower noise, I have built it inside an aluminium box and positioned outside the mansard window, under the roof. After 4 days only to  start of transmission, LY2BAW has spoted IW3FZQ/B with 579 report !! In the same time, during the night, there was a fall temperature with a record of minus 24 C. but the beacon worked without problems ! In conclusion, the antenna, connected with 18 mtrs of RG214, is a 1/4 fiber-glass G.P. on 7 mtrs high vertical mast. Under, you can see the complete data list and some selected pictures.

Since November, 1 2005 the beacon is on the air from new QTH: Monselice (PD), JN55VF
Since December, 17 2017 the beacon has moved to the new frequency 50,400.5 MHz according to the new IARU Region 1 band plan (the old frequency has been 50,001.4 MHz for over 15 years).


QRG    50,400.5 MHz
mode    A1
antenna    5/8 vertical GP
QTF    omnidirectional
power   10 W
QTH    Monselice (PD)
a.s.l.   25 mt
status    24 h

Hear the signal:    20 Km distance
                                                       100 Km distance (old locator) 

   1) The soldering work is done, now it is ready        
for external assembly.                                      

2) View of the beacon fixed under the roof.         


3) First test: 8W output, it's all OK.                       


4) View of the G.P. antenna.                                    

5) One week after the beacon installation a         
             big snow-fall have tested the equipmment.             
         Successively, at -24 C the beacon worked           
        without  problem, no frequency drift,                  
          no power oscillation. Ok, passed.                           

6) View of Enego from Mount. Lisser,                  
on the background Mount. Grappa.             

7) All the reports will be appreciated via            
 e-mail [email protected] or direct only:         
Enrico Franceschi, Via Gino Piva 9              
45100 Rovigo (Italy)