28,227.5  MHz

Since 22:00 UTC of 24 August 2005 is active IW3FZQ/B on ten meter band. 
This is the first "IW" prefix beacon "ON THE AIR" activated from Italy!!!


QRG    28,227.5 MHz
mode    A1
antenna    1/2 GP
QTF    omnidirectional
power    5 W
QTH    Monselice (PD)
a.s.l.   25 mt
status    24 h

Hear the signal:   15 Km distance

   1) Inside view. Under you can see the pic CW       
generator. The transmitter is in central zone. 

2) The frontal side of the 10 meter  beacon.          


3) First time on air. Power output is 5 Watts       
 or more.                                                              


4) View of vertical ground plane antenna.            


5) All the reports will be appreciated via            
e-mail [email protected] or direct only:        
Enrico Franceschi, Via Gino Piva 9              
45100 Rovigo (Italy)