International Visual Communication Association (IVCA)

Welcome to the homepage for the International Visual Communication Association (IVCA).

The International Visual Communication Association (IVCA) is an informal association of volunteer amateur radio enthusiasts who have a high interest in visual communication known as slow scan television or SSTV.

The IVCA is based in the United States of America and should not be confused with the European based organzation by the same name.

Dayton 2011 - Friday Night IVCA SSTV Meeting has been cancelled.

Dayton 2010 - Friday Night IVCA SSTV Meeting


Each Saturday - 1500 Z.
14.230 MHz USB.

All stations are welcome to check in to the net.
Please wait for the NCS to call for checkins before calling.
Stand by with a picture ready when the NCS calls on you.
BRIEF questions may be asked during the net, otherwise hold them until the net is over.
Thanks to all the NCS that have served the IVCA Net.

Volunteers for NCS are needed.
Contact KB4YZ Dave [email protected] if you are available.

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Thank you for viewing the IVCA web page. Enjoy your SSTV !

Dave Jones KB4YZ - IVCA President

If you would like to e-mail me: [email protected]