IV3LZQ SITE (new! updated 24/7/05 with pdf for homebrewing and ANFORA EU130 2005 DXPED !)

    new! updated 24/7/05 with pdf for PC to RADIO interfaces schematics homebrewing, working e-mail address, and ANFORA EU130 DXped Photos see below !

Welcome to my personal web page.

This page is entirely devoted to my ham radio activities
that are principally operating in CW in HF bands.
Most of this page is dedicated to CW operating techniques,
PC interfacing with radio for CW generation with the most
popular loggers and CW typing programs, CW contest activities,
homebrewing interfaces and others devices.

First of all my address, for QSLing or other purposes :

Stefano Barbanti, IV3LZQ
Via Astolfo n.11,
(for e-mail address see the below, antispam format.)


(updated 24/07/2005)

Yes, this is me, working CW in HF from EU-130 Anfora Isl. last June
as IV3LZQ/p !

In my normal life, I'm married and I have two children, I'm an electronic engineer,
graduated at Padua University in 1992, specialised in Power Electronics and Drives;
I work as Drive Systems Designer since 1995 for a large company producing
& selling plants for making steel in all possible shapes (rod,plates,casting...),
therefore sometimes you could hear me from remote countries where I'm commissioning
the large drives systems that I designed !
If somebody out there is interested in my CV just send me a mail !!!

OK  guys, now You know my face (hi!) and something about me
so we could start with useful things for CW enthusiasts people !!!

Check out the following pages :



(new! updated 24/7/05 with pdf for PC to RADIO interfaces schematics homebrewing and working e-mail address, see below !)







This is my  vertical antenna!