from "Thanks to Amateur Radio" edit by SM7WT

“The Man from Sicily”
published on CQ Contest Feb. 1997

I T 9 Z G Y

IT9ZGY was born in Palermo on 1934. Before his retired, he was a wholesaler of ropes and twines. His wife, Gilda, has been a radio amateur since 1977, and her call is IT9KFQ. She is active only on cw. Gilda is a teacher. They have two sons, Eugenia and Marcello . In Italy, IT9ZGY respected everyone because they know he’s serious about amateur radio. In the ‘60s’, he was the ARI DX manager with his brother IT9TAI. Piero was always active in contest, including several contest DX-peditions from both the islands that are actually know as African Italy (IG9 & IH9). After several years , his interest in contesting was rekindled by the “160- meter bug.”Piero started studying the Top Band and trying a variety of wires antennas both at his home and on the top of a 650-meter high mountain from which IT9BLB often operate. Piero’s place is really magic for 160. His results are great (only two inverted-V) when compared with stations using much power and big antennas. His path to JA is unbelievable , and he can work up 20/25 Jas per evening.“Understanding WWV Spots” with brief remarks on propagation, is an his article has been issued, by ARRL, in Antenna Compendium Vol.7 and many others articles has been published on “Radio Rivista” the official magazine of A.R.I. Associazione Radioamatori Italiani.


Two of the best-known calls from Sicily Island are IT9ZGY and IT9TAI. Less known is probably that Pietro and Dom are brothers. Dom and Peter are both DXCC Honor Roll mixed with over 382 countries confirmed all time's. IT9ZGY became a Radio Amateur in 1952 and, still now, he is often active in all bands and in all modes with same enthusiasm at that time. In former times he was, for many years, member of the board of directors and Vice-President of ARI National Council. He also was A.R.I. President for ten years in Sicily Island and, in the 70s years, President of ARI Radio Club in Palermo. He was one of the founders of the "DX Old Timers Club" together with IT9SEZ, now KB5GL, W4VPD, W0QGI, I8AA, I8KDB and IT9TAI. From 1962 until 1967, Piero was DX-editor of the "Radio Rivista". Since 1952 he has made more than 130.000 contacts on all bands and he is active on HF-VHF-UHF but Piero prefer 160 meter activity and HF Contest ( CW – SSB – RTTY) in any bands.

He has the following awards:
DXCC PHONE No.1 Plaque with 373 countries total - current 335
DXCC MIXED No.1 Plaque with 382 countries total - current 335
DXCC CW Honor Roll with 345 countries total - current 334
DXCC RTTY with 238 countries
DXCC 160 meter with 262 countries confirmed
5BWAZ No. 153 Plaque got on Sep. 22 1987
DXCC RTTY-5BDXCC No. 132 got on Dec. 20 1971-endorsements: 160-30-17-12 mtr.
WAS-5BWAS-Bicentennial WAS-WAS RTTY-49 U.S. States confirmed on 160 mtr. Countries worked all time's:
160: 262 - 80: 282 - 40: 324 - 30: 307 - 20: 380
17: 318 - 15: 353 - 12: 301- 10: 326 - 6: 85
WAZ 160 No. 27 with all 40 zones confirmed
WAZ SSB 80 No. 58 - WAZ CW 80 No. 29
WAZ SSB 40 No. 70 - WAZ CW 40 No. 130
WAZ SSB 20 No. 843 - WAZ CW 20 No. 399
WAZ SSB 15 No. 378 - WAZ CW 15 No. 206
WAZ SSB 10 No. 390 - WAZ CW 10 No. 112
CQ DX AWARD SSB No. 1604 - 335 countries confirmed
CQ DX AWARD CW No. 727 - 334 countries confirmed
1991 WORLD WIDE 160 METER DX CONTEST Single #1 Europe - #2 World
1991 CW TROPHY Winner 160 mtr., DONORS K4UEE
He is a member of: ARI - ARRL - A1 Op.Club - DXOTC - INORC - TOPS CW CLUB - OTC HIGH SPEED CLUB - RAG CHEWERS' CLUB – Tikirriki Contest Club – MDXC -
He has operated on CW from HV1CN in 1965 and he has been CW operator from 9A1TAI in San Marino. W4VPD has been the QSL-manager for these DX-pedition.
160 meter and DX-contest, specially all CQ Magazine Contest, are his favourite activities.
He also enjoys meteor scatter works on 2 meter.

At present time, he's using these equipments:
Transceivers: KENWOOD TS940/SAT - YAESU FT/1000 D – ICOM IC-756PRO III
Amplifiers: HENRY 3KA - AMERITRON 1500 - AMP-LK800/NTC
Antennas: 4 el. Beam 6 bands on 21-meter high tower
HY-GAIN 205-BA on 18-meter high tower
Delta loop for 40 meter - Inverted V and sloopers for 80/160
He can reached via Internet:
E-mail: [email protected] - [email protected]