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News coming from ISS, It's ON-AIR in packet radio FM 1200Bd. Callsign is RS0ISS and running a new TNC with more than 1Mb RAM. BBS on board is active but astronauts are very busy for respond at message leave on computer is connected to the TNC :-). Very interesting APRS QSO are been made. For more detail about APRS software below you have a simple link to clik. PLEASE DO NOT CONNECT ISS OR OTHERS STATIONS VIA ISS !!

Using APRS software you can monitoring during the pass of ISS, all amateur stations .

The link provide to record all amateur stations with APRS software translate via IGate.

Now there is the ARISS-Europe for all informations on ISS and QSL bureao.

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All the best QSO's via ISS .!!

Packet radio frequencies:                     Voice frequencies (for Europe Reg.1):

Uplink      QRG : 145.990 +/-               Uplink      QRG : 145.200+/-

Downlink QRG : 145:800 +/-               Downlink  QRG : 145.800+/-


Heard list TSThost  HEARD 14/04/01 Time 18:29UTC  pass 14/04/01 Time 21:38U  pass 15/04/01 Time 14:12UTC  150401_1547.jpg (56977 byte)  150401_1906.jpg (52821 byte)

13/04 16:06U       14/04 18:29U     14/04 21:38U        15/04 14:12U      15/04 15:47U      15/04 19:06U

report list 15/04/01 22:15UTC   Report 16/04/01 13:15UTC    Report 16/04/01 16:24 UTC   report Pass ISS 17/04/01 17:24 UTC   eport pass 21/04/01 17:57U   report pass 24/04/01 10:12 UTC

  15/04 22:15U      16/04 13:15U      16/04 16:24U      17/04 15:25U      21/04 17:57U       24/04 10:12U

Image archive (from 25/04 till today)

Heard files (by date and local time)

Wave files of my QSO with the International Space Station :

QSO#1 with Susan NA1SS                                    QSO#2 with Susan NA1SS  

     23/06/01, 18:18 UTC                                            23/06/01, 19:56 UTC

QSO#3 with Susan NA1SS  

    24/06/01, 19:55 UTC

Wave files of school contact in Europe with the ISS:

RS0ISS calling  RW3WWW  

21/12/01, 12:44 UTC  Kursk's Technical University, Kursk, Russia;


28/02/02, 09:20 UTC  Kursk's Technical University, Kursk, Russia;

NA1SS QSO   GB2HC on Thursday  2002-03-07 08:50 UTC Harrogate Ladies College, UK

04/05/02, 12:25 UTC  IK0WGF talk with Roberto Vittori IZ6ERU on board ISS

IK0WGF QSO   IZ6ERU on Saturday  2002-05-04 12:25 UTC ISS call ROME !!


NA1SS QSO   "DG3GBQ" on Wednesday  2002-07-03 10:20 UTC Rosenfeld HI-School Germany

NA1SS QSO   "DG3GBQ" last part

RS0ISS QSO   "IT9GSV & IT9ACS" on Saturday 2002-07-27 20:21 UTC

NA1SS QSO   Jamboree "THE NETHERLANDS" on Sunday 2002-10-20 12:35 UTC

NA1SS QSO  ON4BAF  "Frank De Winne Crew Pick" Sunday 2002-11-03 09:20 UTC

ON1DWN QSO  ON4ESC  "Frank De Winne Crew Pick" 2002-11-05 09:04 UTC


NA1SS & F6KKN QSO "René Mure"Commelle-Vernay, France" 2002-12-31 10:20 UTC


ARRL Kursk article

APRS software

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Message sent by me

Packet data sent by me

My article on ISS (only italian lang.)


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