My name is Salvatore Alescio, born in Vittoria(Ragusa-Sicily) 68 years ago, resident in Trabia(Palermo), amateur radio from 1973 with call-sign IT9AZS and in the free time(!) hospital internist doctor, since a few years I enjoy the longed-for pension.

President of ARI Section of Termini Imerese(Sicily) from 1974 to 1984 and Vice President of ARI Regional Committee of Sicily from 1984 to 1994, I then back again to President of ARI Section. Starting from 1974-84, I dedicated myself, with great success for the splendid collaboration of Termini's OMs, to the organization of regional, national and international Meetings, on the occasion of the "Peace's and Fraternity's Day in the World" proclaimed by the ARI Section, that focalized the attention (positive once in a while!) of the public opinion and of the radioamateur world to the region of Sicily. Once the ARI Section of Brescia (north Italy) has taken part with almost all the members! Great success of the National Meeting 1980 with the participation also of the Minister PT.

But undoubtedly the most prestigious Meetings, that the not anymore young peoples very well remember, have been those at international level culminated, after "Radio and Amateur radio in the Emergency"(1981) and "The Amateur radio in the Society of today"(1982), to the unrepeatable "IARU Reg.1 Conference-Cefalù '84". In 1996 we have realized with success a "Sicilian Amateur radio Meeting". I enjoyed myself inserting in this home page some documentation and few interesting photos.

In the amateur radio activity I applied to Dx (322 countries cfm) and to IOTA (525 islands cfm). But my passion has been certainly the Dxpeditions. To their best realization I sacrificed with pleasure and joy almost all my yearly holidays, a lot of money and often facing big risks and so many cares.

In 1974 I started in Lampedusa is.(AF-19) as IG9AZS and then in '78, with the excuse of a course on tropical diseases, I was active for one month from Togo as 5V7AS. In 1986 with my wife Pupetta IT9PHY (that even if radio-hating always accompanied me with so much patience in my wandering about!), my gold telegraphist Fernanda I2RLX and Henry IT9SXA I went to Sao Tomé (S90AS), where we realized interesting original experiments of sanitary telemetry (intercontinental transmission/reception of a electrocardiogram via HF) and again in Togo (5V7AS) In 1988, always with the XYLs and this time with Toti IT9JNT and Pino IW9WDC we went to Guinea-Bissau (J50AS) and to Bijagòs is.(J56AS), new one for IOTA(AF-20).

But the Africa sickness does not forgive! In 1990 with Pupetta, Fernanda and again Henry IT9SXA (our confidential superengineer) I was in Benin (TY0AS). In 1991 we changed continent to give to OMs a really tempting country: the Afghanistan (notwithstanding the phantom dxpedition of Romeo that surely did not set foot in this country) that not was "on air" since twenty years.. After various vicissitudes that deserve to write a romance(!) and where the undersigned and the XYLs have grown into war-reporters duly accredited to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kabul and were on a military helicopter to a front-line near the Pakistan border with the other special correspondents, the government finally granted our (exceptionally in wartime!) a licence valid for a few days and a special brand-new call: T6AS. After my return the Afghan Government even appointed me Honorary Consul in Italy (but for God sake, don't ask me why!!).

In '94 then I had an experience of national dxpedition to Filicudi is.(ID9/IT9AZS) with the two splendid friends Gianni IT9ORA and Mario IT9JPK. In '95, always with Pupetta IT9PHY, Fernanda I2RLX and Toti IT9JNT we are again in Africa with destination Mauritania (5T0AS) with a raid to Tidra is.(5T0AS/p), hardly connected because it is in a natural reserve where "usually" it is not granted any licence .

And that is least for now...!!  


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