This Net Directory contains a list of known active TRAFFIC and ARES/RACES nets. If you have a TRAFFIC or ARES/RACES net you would like listed here send an email to the link at the bottom of the page.

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Net Directory Starting Times are Local Illinois Time
CAN HUB (KB0OFD) MOD 7101 KHZ 0000-2400Z Daily PacTor 1-3
CAN MBO (WB9FHP) IND 7074 KHZ 8:00-1900 Daily Winmor 500
CAN MBO (WB9FHP) IND 3574 KHZ 1900-8:00 Daily Winmor 500
Illinois ARES HF Net ARES HF 3905 KHZ 16:30 First & Third Sunday Standby ARES HF Frequency; Alt: 7230 KHZ
Illinois CW Net ILN 3538 KHZ 19:15 M-F
Illinois Emergency Net IEN 3940 KHZ 08:00 Sunday Roll call
Illinois Phone Net IPN 3857 KHZ 16:45 M-F
Illinois Phone Net IPN 3940 KHZ 08:00 Sunday Roll call - Sunday Only
Illinois Sideband Net ISN 3905 KHZ 18:00 Daily Standby ARES HF Frequency; Alt: 7230 KHZ
North Central Phone Net NCPN 3912 KHZ 07:00 M-F
Region Five 5RN 7280 KHZ 10:30 M-T-W-T-F-S
Region Five 5RN 7243 KHZ 15:25 M-T-W-T-F-S
Region Nine 9RN 7280 KHZ 11:00 M-W-F
Region Ten 10RN 7280 KHZ 10:00 M-F